Creeper Playerground’s World


Since I haven’t hosted in the longest time, I figure I might as well post the folder of the world so that anyone that wants to pick it up and play on Singleplayer or host it themselves can do so. :U

Fort Zin

Heya Folks, GhengisGahan/Benzin here.

As most of you are aware, my most recent project in CreeperPlayground has been the addition of Fort Zin; A building that ranges from the very top build limit of the map to the very bottom. In it are a number of floors designed for you guys to contribute as you wish.

There are currently three areas for Player contribution;

Floor 1; The Open Forum, filled with stone columns of signposts for people to post up comments or whatever they wish. Take a moment to read some other people’s comments, we have a fine selection of wit in here!

Floor 3; Guest Bedrooms. The Guest Bedrooms are split into four quarters, named “Feline Quarter” “Goggie Quarter” “Mob Quarter” and “Monkey Quarter”. Each quarter has four rooms, all named after a certain species of the given quarter name. Players may claim one of these rooms as their own, following some guidelines.

1; You can’t take a room someone else owns, naturally. Rooms will be tagged as belonging to someone in the signpost above the door.

2; You may not change the walls of the room, but you may change the floor layer, roof layer or doorway. You can also rename the room if you want.

A list of rooms which are available will be posted at the bottom of this post.

Floors 9-15; These floors are dedicated for players to create. Each floor is 14 blocks high (Not including the ready-placed floor and ceiling) and 2000 blocks worth of floorspace, giving each floor a depth of 28000 blocks. You may build whatever you wish within these floors, but DO NOT tamper with the blocks already set in place. This includes the stairwell and doorway. If you want to place a floor of your own, place it above the stone brick floor already in place — let me know and I’ll have the doorway to the staircase raised one block higher to compensate (or more if you want a complex floor).

Below is a list of available guest rooms and floors, plus those already taken by others;

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Sitting here messing around with my skin for Minecraft

I think I’m having CreeperPlayground withdrawal symptoms… 


i miss you too Benzin…



If you want to join the server, you must message me to be placed on the whitelist. There has been recent troubles with griefers; this is necessary.

Once you are added, you will only be removed if you perform a bannable action. Thank you.

The server is up, regardless.

Server is open! come help us build the CreeperPlayground Waterslide!


come help us build also check out a new skin i found!


Although I didn’t make these on the group’s server, I did do them on the server hosted by one of the members, so it’s kind of relevant. :V

Anyways, yay pixel art.


Hey guys look at what I made for Izzy. c:






The server is open!

Don’t have PC Minecraft? No problem; you can use this version with your desired username to log into the server!


this just in tumblr user the-silenced-poet thought the arena was a cupcake news at 11